Thursday, December 11, 2008

Review: FCIC Holiday Party 2008

Simply put - I ate too much. I thought that only ever happened on Thanksgiving and at Chinese Buffets.... but I stand corrected. Some highlights: the Peach cobbler cheesecake, the cauldron of delectable meatballs, the Vegan chili, the "non-meatballs" (i.e. disguised falafel) and more. Who would have thought a group of public information specialists could be such great cooks? Oh, and during the merry melee, my Secret Santa gave me gummi worms.
.....And then it came to pass that there was a tradition reminiscient of the great holiday of Festivus - the crappy gift exchange (aka the White Elephant Gift Exchange). I thought all white elephants had long ago been harvested for piano purposes, but I guess not. These gifts all belong in a QVC museum - owls made of seashells, cat mirrors, very shoddy Martini glasses, a nose irrigation system. I love this place.

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