Friday, December 19, 2008

Lemon aide

I acquired a lemon. It was large – the size of a fat thermos. I
loved sniffing it. It made me think of Pine Sol commercials. Then I
corrected myself and thought of Lemon Pledge. I wondered how tough it
would be to zest a lemon. I decided to bring it home and see what
would become of it. I had an idea: On that particularly cold and
dreary winter day, I carried the lemon home in my hand on the walk to
the metro, on the train and on the way home. That small lemon was like
a beacon. Winter clothing is uniform – it is drab, diffuse, meant to
merge together and avoid the eye. The yellow was like an orb on
sunlight amidst all the browns, blacks and gray coats. Eyes from all
over darted to it and were fixated, even for a second. It was the most
striking thing aboard our $50 million metro that afternoon, to be

1 comment:

Zeyev said...

OK, so what happened to the lemon? How did it taste? Inquiring minds wish to know.