Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Defense of Fake Trees

The National Christmas tree is huge and majestic. It's located right behind the White House, near the Washington monument, and it's a popular tourist spot. People also look among the 50 trees (1 for each state) for what their home state's tree looks like. BTW, RI's tree has quahod clams inside a clear plastic ball - well done!
In any case, as I was glancing at the trees with a friend, I realized that unlike that 40-foot National tree, which was alive and well, all of the smaller trees had their roots cut when they were transported here - i.e. they were dead. It then occured to me that December isn't about moving and transplanting trees, but killing them (the HORROR!). And this was the irony - plastic trees, which can get a bad rep and bring to mind "poor old Charlie Brown Christmas"-type derision - these plastic specimens are faaaar better for the earth than REAL trees. Who knew? I'm sure most Americans realized this 30 years ago, but I'm a slow learner... and I'm Jewish, taboot.

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