Monday, September 8, 2008

Review: UHF (1989)

For Gen-X, nothing beats the 80’s. And for Gen X, nothing hurts like watching a time-honored 80’s movie that no longer delivers much beyond mullets and bad sound effects. For a child of the 80’s, UHF delivered. It had the basics: goofy guy gets own TV station, saves the day and gets the girl. In its day it was infantile, creative and crudely hilarious, but today, UHF is mostly static – 80’s bug-eyed acting, references to old movies nobody remembers, heavy slapstick, even shameless plugs for Weird Al videos. The vingnettes still have the bite of good Airplane-type material, and it’s good to see a prehistoric Michaerl Richards and Fran Dresser. Still, I’d wonder if any kid today would be swooned by Stanley Spadowski’s Clubhouse, even though I sure did.

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