Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review: Be Kind, Rewind (2008)

There is something magical in this film, something simple, true and profound. It’s fitting that Michel Gondry, a world-class filmmaker, directs this delightfully low-tech vision of the future, where the audience is the crew, cast and patrons of their own celebrated films. It’s not perfect; it starts off almost painfully slow and veers into murky territory at the end, where it brings up questions that both confuse and stimulate: Is history really so subjective that EVERYBODY owns it? It’s also fun to watch a movie that ends in a film being created, but where this product itself is secondary – the community that it creates, the conversation that art has always created, leads the show.

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Greg Trotter said...

holy shit, man. i just blogged about this movie too. i loved it.