Thursday, July 24, 2008

random jots

Yes, articles like this are usually the sign of lazy writing, although RI institution Mark Patinkin does it all the time... when he gets lazy.

1. Wonder how bad the economy is going to get. Wonder how much more of journalism is going to be outsourced. Heard that now they are even outsourcing FINANCIAL ANALYSIS of the stock market to India. Sounds like a bad idea - let's have other nations copyedit our counter-insurgency manuals next (Thank you D for that line).

2. How have I not watched the Larry Sanders show until now? Man, what a great show... A lot of people borrowed his "so real it hurts" type of humor. I think he's the link between Seinfeld and Curb, perhaps.

3. Quaker granola bars are pathetically small. Literally the size of my ipod nano. That's supposed to fill me up?

4. What's the relationship between art and economics? Do poor financial periods result in better or worse art?

5. I keep wanting to do a piece on getting "extra" security checks at the airport, but everyone else is doing them - Slate and CNN to name a few. Need to find a new angle there...

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George said...

The best Larry Sanders episode was when the guy with all the taranulas came on the show and one of them ended up on top of rip torns bald head. Aside from Beastmaster that was some of Rips best work. Beastmaster by the way should really be reviewed on this blog dude. I mean, if you're gonna do 'Yojimbo'....By the way since I'm your most frequent commenter, do I really need to go through the embarrassing and insulting word verification thing...make some calls for me ok?