Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Humanity 1, Neer-do-wells 0

It's never been easier to be a hater. And yet, sometimes, the hate is kept at bay. A hidden humanity makes the smog a little easier to swallow. Observe this scene at right:

It's a eulogy, taped to a telephone pole on a rainy day. It was right outside the Dupont Circle Metro station, where thousands file by every day. A man passed away. "He was rich in heart even if poor in pocket and shared what he had with people and animals..."
Next to the tree were a few wreaths. A few feet away was a large white plastic table, like the kind you'd see at conventions or filled with T-shirts after a concert. It looked like this:

There were black pens and flowers on the table, and the public was euglogizing this man. Among the tangle of script was this part, written by a man claiming to be his son. "Gulistan was a good man. Don't write anything bad."
And, to my amazement, despite the thousands passing by that day, not a single swear or profane picture graced the table. There were doves, words of praise and others of deep respect. I was moved.

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